The Heathcote and Star

The Heathcote and Star join our other awesome pubs to light the way for a loyal Leytonstone community that wants great food, drink, entertainment, and above all, character.

What are we offering? A lovingly restored watering hole (that’s more like a watering crater) with an unearthed skylight that lets a flood of natural light in, an epic-sized function room for all your more than functional needs, and (we’re going to say it) the Biggest Beer Garden in Leytonstone.

That’s the building, but what’s going on inside & out? We’ve got the big games on Sky/BT Sports, but, you may be distracted by getting your own game on, on one of our pool or ping pong tables. Also, it would be remiss of us not to have some seriously brilliant music programming on, from low-key loveliness to a bit of hands-in-the-air DJ action. It’s a Star pub after all.

The main attraction though will be our carefully curated cornucopia of drinks to tantalise the taste buds, with a food menu lovingly curated by Paul Human of We Serve Humans. Think low and slow cooked meats, Sunday Roasts your nan would be proud of, and more veggie options than you could shake a bunch of organic carrots at.

We’ve got it all, but without you, our Star doesn’t shine. We don’t do ‘regeneration’ and just plonk down without a care for the community, so, we want to get to know you, know what you want, and the beauty of it is, you can chat with us on social media, or, pssst, just chat to us in the pub. We want your old stories, magnificent memories and new ones to be made.