Pork ribs £8
house BBQ sauce, slaw
Chuck and shoulder 5 hr chilli £9.5
rice, sour cream
Cowboy Beans V £8
5 bean chilli, rice, sour cream
Buttermilk fried chicken thighs £10
kimchi, gojuchang mayo, bacon


Chairman £8.5
Signature patty, American cheese, bun sauce, pickled red onion jam
Add bacon £9.5
Dareman (Spicy) £9
chairman, chilli sauce, jalapeños
The Heathcote burger £10
Signature patty, melted cheddar, pulled pork
Mac the ripper V £7.5
Truffle mac and cheese patty, bun sauce, red onion jam
Prince VEGAN £7.5
Spicy bean patty, salsa, guacamole, vegan sesame bun
Cluckamolé £9.5
Buttermilk fried buffalo chicken thigh, guacamole, bacon, slaw


Beef dripping/beer Cheese V /truffle V £3/£4/£4
Nachos V £4.5
Corn chips, beer cheese sauce, salsa and guacamole
Frickles £3.5
Deep fried pickles Russian dip
Celeriac slaw V £4.5
Dijon vinaigrette, sunflower seeds
Raw beetroot salad £5
Orange dressing, pea shoots, crumbled feta
Grilled baby gem V £4.5
Toasted hazelnuts, yoghurt dressing
Buffhello £6.5
Award-winning wings with hot sauce, blue cheese sauce, bacon dust
Stoner wings £6.5
E11 BBQ sauce
Sauces £1
blue cheese, beer cheese, buffalo, Russian dip


Dark Chocolate fudge brownie £5.5
Raspberry coulis, Greek yoghurt

Brunch available Saturday’s 10am-1pm

The all-day breakfast Chairman £10
Signature patty of brisket and rib with cheese, bacon, black pudding, fried egg
Burger bun French toast
Banana and maple syrup £9
add bacon £1
Sweetcorn fritters with salsamolé £9
Poached egg and lime aioli
add bacon £1
Homemade cherry and pecan granola £6
Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit
Mushroom on toast £8
Garlic thyme mushrooms, sourdough
Smoked haddock fishcakes £9
Poached eggs, Hollandaise
add bacon £1

Bloody Mary’s £5

Your Choice of Vodka, Gin or Tequila, House Bloody Mary Mix
House-made Bacon Belenkaya Vodka, Horseradish, Guinness, House Bloody Mary Mix
Chilli & Jalapeno Pickle infused Quiquiriqui Mezcal, Chipotle, Jalapeno Brine, Spiced Bloody Mary Mix
Dill & Cornichon infused Haymans Gin, Sriracha, House Bloody Mary Mix
Herb Mix of Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Chilli Flakes, Garlic, Malden Sea Salt, Spirit of your choice, Worcester Sauce, Eager Tomato Juice, Hot Sauce
Four Roses Bourbon, Eager Tomato Juice, Worcestershire Sauce, Water Biscuit, Blue Cheese


Topside of Beef with our horseradish sauce (served rare) £15

Suffolk pork belly, truffled apple sauce and crackling


Half an organic chicken, sausage stuffing and redcurrant gravy

Veggy option – Protein-packed vegetable “meatloaf” with veggy gravy  £12


Cauliflower beer cheese, £5
Duck fat roasted potatoes £3.5
Crackling with truffled apple sauce £3.5
Extra Yorkshire £1


Fabienne’s sticky toffee pudding £5.5
with butterscotch sauce
Apple and blackberry crumble £5.5
with custard (contains nuts, and skillz)


Your choice of roast for half the price, Yorkshire optional, we also have ice cream.


Becks £3.90
Camden Hells £4.60
Camden Pale £4.60
Goose Island IPA £5.20
Goose Midway £5.00
Guinness £4.50
Urban Orchard £4.50


Belenkaya £3.50
Haymans £3.50
Four roses £3.50
Blackwell £3.50
Courvoisier £3.50
Jamesons £4.00
Kraken £4.00
Ocho £3.80
Patron £4.30
White Sambuca £3.90

Soft drinks

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Lemonade, Tonic, Slimline £1.80
Juice £2.00
Fentimans – bottle £2.50
Water – bottle £2.20


Nanny state 0.5% £4.50
Salty Kiss £4.80
Peroni £4.00
Corona £3.90
Signature £4.50
Hawkes ginger beer £5.00
Kopparberg £4.60

Drinks Packages – Available for Pre-Order

50 x bottles of Peroni, 6 x bottles of Prosecco, 5 bottles of house wine, 2 x
bottles vodka with mixers
20 x bottles of Peroni, 4 x bottles of Prosecco, 5 bottles of house wine, 1 x
bottle vodka with mixers
20 x bottles of Peroni, 4 x bottles of Prosecco, 2 bottles of house wine
15 bottles of Peroni, 2 x bottle of Prosecco
5 Bottles of Prosecco £130
10 Bottles of Prosecco £250


Aged​ ​Negroni​ ​ ​ £8.20
Haymans London Dry Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Orange
Bottle​ ​Aged​ ​Old​ ​Fashioned​ ​£8.20
Four Roses Bourbon, Sugar, Orange, Maraschino
Mezcal​ ​Rise​ ​£8
Quiqiriqi Mezcal, Vodka, Orange, Cranberry, Lime
Anejo​ ​Sidecar​ ​ £8
Don Q Rum, Lemon, Cointreau, Simple Syrup, Orange
Dark​ ​&​ ​Kraken​ ​£8
Kraken Spiced Rum, Ginger Beer, Lime
Brave​ ​Bull​ ​£8
1800 Tequila, Kahlua
Rob​ ​Roy​ ​£8
Four Roses Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Orange Bitters
Franks​ ​£8
Haymans Gin, Sherry, Angostura

2​ ​For​ ​1​ ​Cocktails​ ​Every​ ​Thursday​ ​for​ ​Star​ ​Card​ ​Holders

Paul Humans residency

How slow can you go? Don’t worry, you won’t be waiting for ages, as Paul Human of We Serve Humans has got the low, slow cooking thing DOWN.

Ribs, burgers and chilli sit alongside each other on a menu that’s packed with international influences (Buttermilk fried chicken thighs, kimchi & bacon, anyone?), WSH’s flavour derring-do bursts through (Heathcote wings in Pina colada sauce, pineapple, coconut) and even the fries are elevated to an art-form (Beef dripping/beer, cheese or truffle!).

Let’s not forget amazing roasts with meat from the finest British suppliers, liberally doused in excellent gravy accompanied by crispy spuds that make it one of the best roasts in London, nay, THE WORLD!

We’ve also got great vegetarian options and a menu for the mini-stars in the family. So, there’s no reason to not come and park up and give the dishwasher some time off.

We reckon that Paul will soon be up there with Wossy, Dave B and Alfie Hitchcock as a truly local legend if he keeps this up.