Starters and Sides

Thai Prawn Crackers 3
Served with sweet chilli dip
Spicy Pumpkin Fritters (v) 5
Golden fritters served with a chilli dip, coriander and lime
Roasted Cauliflower larb (v) 7.5
Fresh salad with mint, coriander, kaffir lime and Thai shallots
Thai Fried Squid 8.5
Deep-fried crispy squid served with spicy birds eye chilli dip
Som Tam (v option) 8.5
Classic green papaya salad served with spicy chilli, lime and optional dried prawn dressing
Thai Fries (v) (Vegan optional) 4
Double crisp fries in Sriracha seasoning loaded with Sriracha mayo, Coriander, lime and chilli flakes
Plain Fries (Vegan) 3.5
Jasmine Rice 2
– Mains do not come with rice/fries (please order separately)





KraPow Burger 9.5
Brioche bun, beef patty, chilli, garlic, Thai basil, onion and fish sauce relish. Gooey fried egg (optional). So good we put our name to it. 
Fried Chicken Burger 9
Our signature fried chicken in a brioche bun with Asian slaw and Sriracha mayo
Pow Pow Wings 9
Crispy deep-fried chicken wings served with a sweet and sticky fish sauce glaze
Gai Yang 10
Grilled chilli and lemongrass chicken. Whole leg portion served with Nam Jim Jaew tamarind dipping sauce.
Gai Tod 11
Crispy Thai Fried chicken served with Sriracha mayo and Nam Jim Jaew tamarind dipping sauce
KraPow 11
The dish that started it all. A delicious pork, chilli and basil stir fry served with a fried egg and jasmine rice
Beef Massaman 13
Slow cooked tender beef and baby potatoes in a rich, coconut curry
Jackfruit Panang (v) 9
Thick, sweet, salty and nutty coconut curry with young Jackfruit.
Drunken Noodles (v option) 10
Pad Kee Mao or Drunken Noodles is a classic spicy rice noodle dish with Tofu £9 (v) or Chicken £10



Full allergen information is available upon request. If you have a question, food allergy or intolerance please let us know before placing your order. Although we take preventative measures to stop cross-contamination we can’t guarantee our dishes will be 100% allergen free.
*This menu is representative and subject to seasonal change at a moments notice

We stock over 40 different spirits premium and standard.  If there is anything you are particularly fond of please send us an email, we can let you know if we have it in stock or give you a great alternative.

We have a great range of beers and ciders on tap and in the fridge. A selection of craft and world beers including breweries such as Signature Brew, East London Brewery, Hackney Brewery, Truman’s Beer, Three Sods Brewery, Mondo Brewing Company & Beaver Town to name a few.

Sparkling and Champagne

250ml 175ml 125ml Btl
Cá del Console – Extra Dry Prosecco (v) £6.10 £31.00
Baron de Marck Champagne a Hautvillers – Brut France (vg) £41.00


Pieno Sud – Bianco, Terre Siciliane Italy (v) £6.00 £4.50 £3.90 £19.00
First Fleet – Chardonnay, South Eastern Australia (vg) £7.10 £5.30 £4.20 £19.90
Nina – Pinot Grigio, Italy (v) £7.70 £5.45 £4.50 £21.00
Morandé – Sauvingnon Blanc, Maule Valley Chile £7.80 £5.80 £4.75 £23.00
Beauvignac – Picpoul de Pinet, France £8.80 £6.70 £5.30 £26.00


Pinot Grigio Rose (v) £6.30 £4.80 £4.10 £18.50
Saint-Roch Les Vignes Provence Rosé £9.50 £7.20 £5.60 £26.00


Mon Roc – Mixed grape Carignan / Merlot Vin de France (v) £6.00 £4.50 £3.90 £19.00
First Fleet – Shiraz, South Eastern Australia (vg) £7.10 £5.30 £4.20 £19.90
D’Alamel – Merlot, Domaines Marnier La Postolle £7.20 £5.45 £4.50 £21.00
Pionero – Pinot Noir, Casablanca Valley Chile (v) £7.80 £5.80 £4.75 £22.50
Porteño – Malbec, Bodega Norton Argentina (v) £8.80 £6.70 £5.30 £26.00


175ml 250ml Bottle
Sauvignon Blanc, Ramita 0.5% £3.20 £4.30 £12.00
De-Alcoholised Cabernet Tempranillo Wine, Spain
Cabernet Tempranillo, Ramita 0.5% £3.20 £4.30 £12.00
De-Alcoholised Cabernet Tempranillo Wine, Spain
Scavi & Ray 0 % £24.00
Smooth, easy drinking, sparkling non-alcoholic white wine


Lucky Saint 0.5% £4.80
Unfiltered lager made with Bavarian barley & Hallertau hops. You’d never know it’s alcohol free!
Brooklyn Special Effect 0.4% £4.10
Same classic Brooklyn lager, without the alcohol
Brewdog Punk AF 0.5% £3.90
Light, zesty IPA, refreshing and easy to drink
Lowlander WIT alcohol Free 0.0% £4.20
Botanically brewed beer which is full of both character and flavour


Non-Aperol Spritz 0% £4.10
Monte Rosso (a non alcoholic Aperol Spritz). Served over ice & garnished with an orange wedge
Ginger & Apple Fizz 0% £3.60
Pressed apple juice & fresh lime, topped with ginger beer. A refreshing non-alcoholic drink
Non- alcoholic Negroni Spritz 0% £4.20
Served over ice & garnished with an orange wedge
CBD Mocktail £5.00
Ginger beer, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice & a large dash of CBD bitters
Ceder Spritz 0% £5.50
Non-alcoholic Gin, with tonic and elderflower cordial, served over ice with a cucumber slice

Special Soft Drinks

Remedy Kombucha (v) 0% £4.00
Fermented & live cultured with no added sugar, a healthier soft drink option. Ask the staff to recommend their favourite flavour!
Fentimans £2.90
Assorted classic flavours
Little Rick (v) £4.90
Delicious raspberry coconut flavoured cannabinoid carbonated drink


Jose Cuervo Tradicional, Cointreau, lime. Shaken & served up, garnished with a salt rim.
Tiki twist on a Daiquiri (not very sweet at all). Malibu, lime, sugar. Shaken & served up. Garnished with a lime wheel.
The original party drink. It’s tacky and we love it! Absolut Vanilla, passion fruit, apple. Shaken, served up with a shot of bubbles on the side.
Festive & fab. Plymouth Sloe Gin, lemon, sugar, egg white, (optional). Shaken & served up. Garnished with 3 juniper berries.
Timeless classic with a dash of oomph. Amaretto, Bushmills, lemon, sugar, egg white (optional). Shaken & served short, over ice
Classic as they come. Beefeater, lemon, sugar, Crème du Mure.
A slightly warmer, slightly boozier twist on a Negroni. Chivas Regal, Mancino Vermouth, Suze. Stirred down & served short, over ice. Garnished with an orange twist.
Need we say more? Four Roses, brown sugar, orange bitters. Stirred down & served short, over ice. Garnished with an orange twist. Upgrade to Havana 7 or Chivas Regal for £1.50

Spritzers 2​ ​For​ ​1​ ​Cocktails​ ​Every​ ​Thursday​ ​for​ ​Star​ ​Card​ ​Holders

Drinks Packages – Available for Pre-Order

50 x bottles of Peroni, 6 x bottles of Fizz, 5 bottles of house wine, 2 x
bottles vodka with mixers
20 x bottles of Peroni, 4 x bottles of Fizz, 5 bottles of house wine, 1 x
bottle vodka with mixers
20 x bottles of Peroni, 4 x bottles of Fizz, 2 bottles of house wine
15 bottles of Peroni, 2 x bottle of Fizz
5 Bottles of Fizz £120
10 Bottles of Fizz £230

KraPow Residency

Their Aim To bring proper Thai Street food to London and the UK

For years, Thai food in the UK has been dumbed-down and dull, typically rich and sweet – think boring and bland Pad Thai or Green Curry – and served out of chain restaurants and supermarket aisles.

It’s everything we stand against.

Our flavours have a strong influence from Northern Thailand – Chiang Mai – which are entirely different, punchier and much more complex, with international notes from neighbouring countries Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and China.

We offer a range of dishes that we feel helps to showcase Thai Street food in a different light than the norm.

We source all our fresh ingredients locally where possible.

Our meat is all UK sourced and comes from Hixson of Smithfield.

Our vegetables and herbs from Gardner’s Fresh produce and our Asian ingredients from Thai Tana.

Allergen Info

To view our allergen sheet please email [email protected] or ask at the pub.
All our food is freshly prepared on the premises and we handle all allergens in our kitchen.
Although we take preventative measures to stop cross-contamination, we can’t guarantee our dishes will be 100% allergen free.